what is e-commerce

The broad definition of e-Commerce(electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of products and services electronically using online technology over the Internet. 

The need for e-Commerce adoption by traditional businesses is becoming more and more important for these businesses to stay competitive. Recent news that shopping malls are becoming less busy because of the increased number of customers shopping online is a clear indicator that every traditional shop should also have an online store. 

If it's so obvious that shop owners need to adopt this technology to stay in business, why are they not jumping for the opportunity to get online? In my view, there's a perception that e-Commerce is expensive and difficult to get setup and manage. This may have been true years ago when this technology was relatively new and the only people with online stores were early adopters who had capital to get their store setup. 

The online playing fields have been leveled to an extent by companies like Shopify who have already done all the difficult work. Not only that, they also have tiered packages to help you get started with minimum risk at very low prices. You can start out with a free 14 day trial and if it works for you then you can continue running your store for as little as little as $29(Roughly R435p/m at current exchange rates) per month. This gives you all the basics you need to get your online business started. 

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